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Foundation Manual

We train using the WIA Foundation Manual [4th Edition], this is your textbook and easy-learning entry into Amateur Radio.

Face to Face Training

A real trainer, in a dedicated training room.
A proven method to take beginners through to their Foundation Licence.

Train at your own pace

Train as often as you wish! You may choose an accelerated course or a more leisurely pace. It's quite OK to only train once every couple of weeks. This is meant to be a fun learning process... and the choice is always yours.

Qualified trainers

Our lead trainer has Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment Qualifications so you can be assured of well structured programs. There is plenty of hands-on practical training to keep your interest level high.

Exam Preparation

You will learn the theory required to pass the examinations in well-paced sessions geared to each student's learning style. Exams maketh the Ham! We'll ensure you're ready before undertaking them.

Practical Hands On Tuition

Students will have sufficient training sessions to perfect their practical knowledge in setting up an Amateur Radio Station and operating On-Air. We utilize older manual equipment so turning those knobs and dials gives the user an immersive experience.

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Foundation Train with BARC $60

  • 10 Watt power on FM & SSB
  • Permitted bands: 80m, 40m, 15m, 10m, 2m & 70cm
  • All digital modes permitted
  • Able to build transmitting equipment
  • Face to face training at your pace
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Standard Enrol with RES

  • Increased Power
  • Increased Permitted Bands - more frequencies
  • Study online from home
  • Multi-media course
  • 30 PC based video tutorials
  • Theory & Regulations drills & self-tests
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Advanced Enrol with RES

  • Maximum permitted power
  • 2 Letter Callsigns
  • All Bands / All Modes
  • Study from home - reading & essay assignments
  • Personal Facilitator guides your study
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