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Last update: August2023

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AUGUST AGM - Life Members

Three long serving members were awarded their Life Membership badges

Keith VK4WZ accepting his “Life Membership” badge from Ross And Marg VK4FHAM accepting her badge and Anske's (VK4CAB) badge for Life Membership.


JUNE - Bundaberg Show Display

We had a display stand at the show this year, something we've never tried before...

...and it was great! Our stand had plenty of foot traffic which led to interested people stopping for a look.
We really enjoyed being able to chat with showgoers about our hobby and the club.

show1 show2 show3

Thanks to the visitors and old Hams, who made time in their Show Day to came along and chat.

show4 show5

A special thanks to David VK4DN, our incredibly hard working Secretary who carried and dragged gear into place and organised the event so well at short notice.

And thank you to members VK4TTO, VK4JAF and VK4NEU who worked the stand over the 3 day event for our club. Planning is underway for a bigger and better display for next year!


We celebrated World Amateur Radio Day on April 15th

We celebrated a day of Amateur Radio by inviting everyone and people from Bundaberg and surrounds came to say hello.
The new pavillion at the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct [old AgroTrend grounds] seemed a large space but we filled it with tables and opened the doors to quite a crowd.

23OD1 23OD2 23OD3

People of all ages wandered through, some coming to buy bargains at the trading tables, other to check out the displays.
There was a raffle with prizes donated by Luxfield Technologies, Bundaberg Electronics, Jaycar and Battery World, and we thank them most sincerely for their support of our club.

23OD4 23OD5
Soldering workshop for the kids where they built a small LED kit

Displays of very old radio equipment right up to ultra modern [and very expensive] all-mode radios.

23OD6 23OD7 23OD8
Peter VK4PDG displayed some amazing Satellite Tracking gear.
WICEN display to inspire people to prepare for emergency situations

Food was provided for our visitors and we thank the CWA for the coffee and cake stall. Our hard working committeeman Keith VK4WZ ran a great Sausage Sizzle with help from Jim, Chris and others who dropped by to lend a hand.

23OD10 23OD11

Coral Coast Radio 94.7FM have been wonderful supporters of the event too and ran a live broadcast from the pavillion, ensuring the public heard about our event and headed over to see us.

23OD12 23OD13

Hervey Bay Amateur Radio Club members came up as well and set up a great stall with plenty of bargains for the eager radio enthusiast.
One among their number Michael VK4CCW thrilled the kids with his Morse Code demonstrations too.
Thanks HBARC for your support.

And last but certainly not least, where would we be without our Club Members who came to help on the day!

Please give yourselves a huge pat on the back for your efforts and accept the thanks of the Management Committee for all your hard work.
Whether it was with the pre-organisation, setting up and taking down exhibits, lifting and carrying all day (or slaving over a hot barbie!), together you made this an amazing event for our club and the local Bundaberg community.
Thank You.

FEB - Defibrillator Acquired

Bundaberg Regional Council Grant assists with purchase

Our club members attend meetings, training events and working bees on our remote mountain repeater sites and we have a Safety First approach.


A defibrillator makes good sense when we're not close to a Triple Zero repsonse but it is a substantial cost for a small non-profit club.
We reached out to Bundaberg Regional Council and were lucky enough to receive a Grant in the value of $1500 towards the purchase. We're now all set for those mountain treks and bush radio comms events that we attend.

It's a huge "Thank You" to the Council Grants committee for their consideration.

JAN - Members Meet Up, Great Promotion & Fundraiser

First Members' Meetup for 2023 at North Bundy Shed


The park at North Bundy, where our shed is located, is large and shady and the perfect location for us to get together and chat about Amateur Radio.
We had a great turnout for our first workshop for 2023.
It was a hot day, but with the roller doors open and the marquee erected at the front, we had plenty of breeze, although Gail's donation of a pedestal fan was very appreciated.

23nbudy2 23nbudy3

The members had a cuppa and chat while Peter, VK4PDG, demonstrated the Yaesu satellite tracking system on a laptop.
Our club is planning more interesting workshops throughout the year, with members' presentations and electronic projects.


Great Promotion of the club in "Bundaberg Now"


Bundaberg Now is a Council initiative to promote our city and community groups.
The club was fortunate to gain some great publicity in January through this excellent presentation.
The BARC story is here!

We have a great relationship with our Council and recently recieved a Grant towards purchase of a portable defibrillator, which we can use at our many and varied events.


A Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser to kick off the year


It was all hands on deck when Bunnings offered us a Sausage Sizzle date and thanks to our members it was a great success once again.
It meant an early start for David VK4DN (5am), who was then ably assisted by Michael VK4JAF, Chris VK4CJF, Isaac VK4NEU, David VK4DAV and also Lorraine VK4FCCW and Heinz who came all the way from Winfield to help.

That's Chris on the Grill

A sincere thanks to all the volunteers who helped on the day and their family and friends who came along to support our club, including VK4AIE and our hardworking Treasurer Marg VK4FHAM who has to balance the funds for us.

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