We celebrate our Golden Jubilee

We celebrated in 2011

Established in 1961 and still going strong SIX decades on.
In 2011 we celebrated with a trip to Mt Goonaneman, reunion luncheon and WIA President's day


We planned a big event. Drivers were organised for an early morning visit to Mt Goonaneman to visit our VK4RBU repeater site in the Woowoonga National Park.

We dressed the tables at the 'Young Australian' Hotel and everything looked great for the reunion luncheon, then the storm hit.

A heavy, black sky descended and a violent rain and electrical storm hit, taking down power lines and leaving much of the town without electricity... including the hotel.

They managed to keep the bar open for us, and the emergency lighting was enough so we could wander about the room and chat with people we hadn't seen for many years.

The power was restored resulting in a big cheer for the kitchen staff who only had a few gas appliances but the juggled everything for us.

Thank you to all those who came to Bundaberg to support our 50th Anniversary celebration especially our invited guests, Michael Owen VK3KI President of the WIA, Ewan McLeod VK4ERM WIA Board member and Margaret McCleod, Mike Charteris VK4QS from the Qld Advisory Committee, Councillors Lynne Forgan and David Batt representing the Bundaberg Regional Council, Bill Daniells Local Controller State Emergency Services and Lesley Daniells.

tweedie build tower opening

Images from the Archives

Tweedie Svenson VK4TS carrying buckets up Mt Goonaneman track, and old guard who built the Mt Goonaneman repeater shack.
Then it was time to build the tower & install antennas. Finally it was time for the Official opening of the VK4RBU repeater site

Below are images of the Mt Goonaneman trip, reunion lunch and the President's day and we thank everyone who contributed photos both old and new to showcase the event.

50th Anniversary 2011

Images to capture the event

A close up of the WIA 25 year membership medallion
50_183 50_134
And the proud recipients of the medals

The fun continued...

Sunday: WIA QLD President's meeting

The weekend came to a close and we think we've set a high bar for other clubs to follow, with our organisation, quality food [and free beer] and we came in on budget

We loved having all of the visitors in town and showing of our repeater site too.
THANK YOU for helping to make our 50th Anniversary something special

The club history through photos

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