Bundy gets the last laugh!


bbq6The Tri-Arder cup would once again be ours... or would it???





What a day it was, the weather looked threatening, there were rumours it was cancelled... no doubt put about by those Bay Burglars... but Bundy were not to be detered.

We went to Buxton again for our annual BBQ with the Hervey Bay Club.

This outing has become a metaphor for cheating, dirty tricks and dastardly deeds... this year proved no exception. It was true we had to eat some humble pie after losing to the Bay [again] this year... we almost had them but we couldn't get a high scoring Amateur into our club ranks in time... never mind... we've got him chained to a chair... he'll be in our team next year!

We went down the highway determined to hold our heads high and see the Pat Dryden Trophy delivered into the hands of the winning team.... and you'll recall that last year Hervey Bay donated a cup for the team which comes in Second in the interclub challenge. That was the tiny little gold Try-Arder Cup.









The story this year........

The rivalry between our two clubs has become a thing of legend and each year we compete hand and fist, tooth and nail... to get the highest club score in the Harry Angel Sprint.

We've made it more interesting by factoring in how many members compete and send their logs to the contest manager.... all this and we still lost.

The 2011 scores looked something like this...

BARC scored 192 points, had 8 out of 25 members competing (factor 0.320) so 192 x 0.32= 61.44

HBARC scored 253 points, had 9 out of 27 members competing (factor 0.333) so 253x0.333=84.33

We were clearly outclassed this year.


There's a story going around that Wade VK4WM is retiring as the HBARC president... but he was seen caressing the BARC banner ... hmmm could he be switching allegiances????

No wait... Where's our vice President...Ross was last seen with a bag over his head being bundled into Wade's car and sped off to Hervey Bay.... NNNNOOOOOOO !!!!! this madness can't go on.



As he received the Second Place, Try-Arder Cup Rusty's speech touched us all as he recounted the story of a little unwanted trophy finding a home in Bundy, being nurtured by our club, growing and blossoming into a beautiful and bejewelled Princess...

And we all agreed with Rusty's final comment; "May the good times and great club fun continue for many years to come"


bbq1First ones there put up the banner bbq3Bob VK4UD, Rusty VK4JM, Mark, Steve VK4KUS and Bill VK4XZ bbq5Time for a cuppa and a chat
bbq6 What's this? Their President caressing OUR Banner??? bbq7Yes we caught you, Sir... what have you got to say for yourself? bbq2
bbq8The Bay members (not the ginger one, that's Lorraine's dog) bbq4Steve VK4KUS sits back with a beer bbq9Time to cook lunch, Steve, Mark and Ross
bbq10Secret men's business around the Barbie bbq11Hervey Bay Secretary Norm VK4NP, VK4UD and VK4WM bbq12How many Hervey Bay members does it take to take a photograph?
bbq14Time for the speeches, they shake hands and hope for a clean contest. HA! bbq15Rusty is generous in his speech and hands the trophy to Wade for safekeeping for 2011 bbq16We were worried what this dog might do when he heard Wade's speech!
bbq17Wade shows off the secret weapon that got them the points... a new fangled thing called a Morse Key... it'll never catch on bbq18Time to present the NEW IMPROVED Try-Arder cup... Rusty does look eager, might have to change his name to 'Tiger' McGrath bbq20
bbq21Rusty relates the tale of a lost little cup coming to Bundy and becoming a bejewelled Princess bbq19 bbq22The Try-Arder Cup for 2011..... what will next year bring?
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