Burglars of the Bay, Steal the Day


The annual BBQ with Hervey Bay was held July 18th at Buxton - a beautiful spot on the river about halfway between our two clubs.

It's a leisurely drive down the Bruce Highway for us and we turn off 10km south of Childers and head towards the coast.

There's a pleasant park with good facilities right on the river's edge (quite near the public boat ramp). We make a rowdy lot and generally take over the tables and gas BBQ's.




bbq22 The Burglar's apprentice






bbq18Sad photo... Rusty ponders our slipping fortunes... this wouldn't hold a nip of Irish Whiskey


So why do we do it?

The rivalry between our two clubs has become legendary fostered by two good sports - the Club President's. Both Rusty VK4JM and Wade VK4WM let the nonsense continue each year as we accuse the other team of cheating us out of the Pat Dryden Memorial Trophy.

The rivalry even extends to how many members turn up for the BBQ - WE WON... we won... we had 16 and they only had 11....

Never did man and woman compete so hard for a piece of wood and plastic.

The real competition centres around the public contest called the Harry Angel sprint. It's a 106 minute long Amateur Radio contest (106 minutes to honour the 106 years of Harry's life).

The trophy goes to the club - not with the highest score - but with the highest score AND member participation and there's a long mathematical formula used to divine the winner.

Each year the trophy is not without contention as a certain club has been known to bring in Superstars on honorary membership status in an attempt to win.... and this year we attempted an emergency meeting to alter the rules - in an attempt to multiply our final Score by the number of club member's attending the BBQ - we felt it was only fair......

This measure was shot down by the Hervey Bay club and the scores had to stand. Yes, it's terribly official... we lost.

To offset some of this misery posters where scattered about the park...

This one, with the tag: "We Was Robbed"




and this one titled -

"What President's really think"


Below are some photos taken on the day - click on any small image to see a larger photo

We're expecting more .jpg's from members and the page will updated when they arrive


bbq1 The Biggest Burglar of the Bay bbq2 Master & Apprentice burglars who stole the 2010 trophy bbq3 President Rusty VK4JM generously passes the Pat Dryden Trophy to HBARC President Wade VK4WM
bbq5 But the dirty rats had an Ace up their sleeve bbq4 We won the Try Arder Cup bbq6The magnificent solid gold, Try Arder
bbq7 Posters littered the park shelter bbq8 We tried to ban photos of THEM receiving the trophy bbq9
bbq10 Friends just sat and chatted bbq11 bbq13 Good to see Anske VK4CAB out and about after an illness
bbq19 Judy & VK4SX bbq21 VK4FKEV & VK4SR hold up the shelter bbq15 Just to put things into Perspective
bbq17 Masked and Caped to hide their identities bbq20 This evildoer feels no remorse & holds his ground bbq12 Bob VK4UD makes welcome a prospective new member John VK4HJE
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