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Internet Frustration in the bush

2009 article was written by Bob VK4UD

My situation was; using Telstra Bigpond NextG mobile 7.2 wireless internet (using wireless modem router with wifi).

Telstra are the only retailer who actually perform in the bush, so if you live in a large city, this information is not for you.
The problem in the bush is how to actually receive those 900mhz radio signals and as the old saying goes Broadband satisfaction level is directly proportional to data speed.

I use www.speedtest.net to check my performance. The returned information is (1) Ping - the time it takes for your computer to send a signal to a remote site and for that signal to come back to you. (2) Download Speed - This is the important, practical measurement we need. Speed is measured in 'Megabits per second'. In practice I could not get above a maximum of about 40 kbs, if I was lucky. (3) Upload Speed - generally not critical for most users (unless emailing videos or large images).

Speed varied when I travelled, at a mining camp at Blackwater, with the modem on top of the wardrobe I could achieve speeds of 1.5 mbs to 2 mbs, which was ok. Back in Bundaberg the performance had dropped to below 1 mbs with occasional peaks of 1.5 mbs, and this was annoying as a city should have had better internet.
To test I used a ladder and extension lead and put the modem onto the peak of the house roof and this made a huge difference. Speedtest showed 2 and 3 mbs.

I have a 2m/70cm dual band antenna I use for 2 metre amateur communications, on the apex of the roof, which I made at a club workshop a few years ago. I connected the Telstra 3G modem to the dual bander and Speedtest showed 2.5 to 3.5 mbs with a maximum peak up to 5.2mbs.

At those speeds watching video finally became a reality and Signal Strength = Speed = Happy

Anybody know anything about very high gain 900 megahertz yagi antennas?

And having asked that question I see another Bundaberg club member has just solved the poor internet speed problem.
If you're looking for a simple DIY 3G internet wireless boosting antenna check out VK4ION Yagi for 900MHz


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