We enjoy a little competition so BARC encourages members to compete for contacts


Our members use different Amateur Radio bands and operate from either Home, Mobile or even Handheld.
Trying for a club distance record while away fishing or travelling just adds to the fun... and they have an excuse to pack their radio gear.
Depending on conditions, height above sea level and a hundred other variables, means that we enjoy simplex conversations (not using the repeaters) and when we think it was quite a distance, we apply for a club record.
The Club records the longest distance contacts using HF, VHF or UHF, where club members had a two-way conversation.
Bragging Rights is the only prize... along with being imortalised in our pages.


Distance Records Rules

  • The competition is designed to foster friendly rivalry for 'Bragging Rights' within the Club.
  • We will update the records when we receive and authenticate a claim.
  • The purpose of Distance Records is to encourage experimentation by club members and to recognise the technical achievement of amateurs who work new record distances.
  • For the contact to be 'recorded' it must be between 2 Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club Members who are financial members at the time of the contact.
  • Contacts must be simplex in nature. i.e. NOT using repeaters etc.
  • Contacts must be a full exchange and acknowledgement of callsigns and signal reports, including some information that cannot be predicted by either operator.
  • Information must be exchanged in full on the air and not by any means of backup such as a different band, telephone or Internet.
  • Distances are calculated from latitude and longitude supplied by the claimant
  • Claimants agree that the Committee's decision on their claim will be accepted as final.
  • Records in the following categories will be recognised:-
    Home Station/ Portable - to include all contacts made by any station, other than those in the categories below.
    Mobile - for contacts made by mobile stations. i.e. BOTH parties must be mobile to claim this category.
    [Vehicle to home or portable station is classified as a 'Home Station/Portable contact'].

How to Claim a record
Use this link to a PDF Claim Form & email it to the club for verification.

Current Distance Records

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