Now we know this looks like a cuddle-fest but actually it's a very serious wrestling competition!

Our Club president Rusty VK4JM on the right - is forcibly extracting the Pat Dryden Interclub Challenge Trophy from the vice-like grip of the Hervey Bay President Wade VK4ACB.


Ready to assist as a tag team if necessary are a few club members who attended the annual Interclub BBQ at the beautiful Buxtonville park on Sunday July 19th.

The trophy represents a BARC win in the annual contest between our two clubs for the Highest Score for participation in the Harry Angel Sprint.

Hervey Bay won it in 2007 and although BARC won it in 2008 we couldn't seem to actually lay our hands on the trophy but all that changed at the 2009 BBQ. Having won the contest for the second year in a row it was time to take them down physically if they didn't hand it over.

So we won the fight as well!

Our club also won the attendance contest as we had 9 members and they only had 7 attending but they refused point blank to give us another trophy for that victory.

It was another fun day of BBQ on the nicely maintained setup in the park with lots of laughs and nonsense.

Even though some grey clouds rolled in the weather held so a couple of members made the trip on motorcycles - well one is a 'real' motorcycle, the other is a Jason Recliner on wheels!

Here are some photos from the day... more to come when members send them in


bbq1Park at Buxtonville bbq3It was Low Tide all day bbq5The ladies were comparing "sizes"!
bbq5Kev and Joscelyn start the BBQs
bbq6Graham & Kev strike their best poses
bbq7Now what are they looking at?
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